Gigi is one of those legendary g-spot toys. I imagine much of the fame is related to her sister, Ella(which has the same knob at the end, but lacks vibration).

Gigi comes packaged in LELO’s signature packaging: dense black cardboard outer box with the toy nestled in a plastic insert that stands on top of the cords and manuals. There is a charging cable, a warranty manual, an instruction manual and silk drawstring bag to keep Gigi protected and cozy. I used to keep her inside the bag then nestled in the plastic insert but then I decided it was rather unnecessary, so I now keep the bag under the plastic with all the manuals.

Materials and Care
She has a hard plastic shell covered in a soft (completely body-safe) silicone. Do not think -as I did- that because she has a silicone outside, she will have some amount of give or flexibility. This is not true in the slightest. She is constructed with a rock solid build. This is mostly good; she feels like she has a very solid construction that won’t be breaking anytime soon, but can be painful (more on this later). She has a little plastic cap that covers her charge port. Unfortunately she isn’t completely waterproof (meaning absolutely no submerging) but she is splashproof, meaning washing her should be completely safe, as long as you stay away from her white half. In fact, stay above the silver collar so you don’t take any chances. You do not want to damage her, because she will become your favorite companion. Because she has a silicone outside, you cannot use a silicone lube. Stick with your water-based lubes for this gal. Be careful not to get it on her handle or controls because that makes her very, very slippery and hard to hold.

Control Pad
The controls are on the lower half, white part of her body (obviously). It’s shaped like a cross; Up and Down change the vibration patterns, Left and Right (+/-) change intensity of vibrations. When you hold her, your first instinct will be to put your thumb over this control panel. Unfortunately this could mean pressing a button when you don’t mean to, leading to frustration. Fortunately, you can teach yourself to hold her differently and it won’t be a problem after that.

She holds charge really well. Supposedly 2 hours of charge equals 90 minutes of play; I haven’t timed it, but that feels about right. I really haven’t needed to charge her many times, I’ve been using her at least once a week (usually closer to about 4 times on average). She maintains her vibration capacity until she dies, so it can be something of a surprise when she shuts off at an inopportune moment. This leaves her with the circle around her controls glowing red when you push a button. When you plug her in to charge, the circle does a pulsating white glow; as soon as she’s finished charging, the glow stays constant.

Her vibrations are deep and rumbly, especially well felt when on the lower few levels. She’s undoubtedly strong enough for me to get off in less than 10 minutes. Granted, I have never handled a Hitachi or anything else on that power level because I don’t need it. But I’m assuming if you need the Hitachi on high to get you off, Gigi most likely won’t be enough for you. She packs a punch for being rechargeable and decently quiet but she isn’t a mechanical miracle.

Weird Sound?
Now, I don’t know if this is a new thing (I’m assuming it snuck up on me) but Gigi has been making a lot more noise that I remember. When I got her, I was specifically interested in a quiet, powerful, rechargeable vibe. Gigi fit the bill well according to most of the reviews I read. However it seems like she’s louder now than she used to be. She used to be a low deep thrum. Now it vaguely sounds like her motor is coming loose and hitting the hard plastic inside, along with the deep thrum. Also, this only happens past the first 4 lowest vibration levels, and only if she’s not being pressed against me or is inside me. This doesn’t really bother me, because she’s still quieter than my battery operated Lucid Dream vibrator, and she does better for me.

My Use
As my first real toy, I wanted her to be a perfect fit, good for inside and outside. Until very recently, I only used her on my clit. This is because her shape made for a slightly painful entry and even more painful exit (she caught on my pubic bone). I read a review that the most comfortably way to get around this problem was to twist her to the side on the way in and out; which turned out to be a phenomenal (and now obvious) solution.

As a G-Spot Toy
When I learned I could use her to all her advantage, I really opened up some doors. With a little help from Raquel (by Vixen Creations), I found out exactly where my g-spot was, and how I liked it stimulated. I also learned that Gigi is a little short for my body. In order for her to really do what she’s built for, I have to push her in past the silver band, which leaves very little room for a good grasp; and push her head upwards to force the knobby end into the right place. This makes reaching and manipulating her incredibly difficult, and getting into the right position (comfortably) rather labor intensive. That being said, she did make me squirt. Twice. Not at all like the gusher stories you hear. It was more of a casual trickle. But I was (and still am) completely ecstatic that I possibly have the ability to do that gushing in the future.

Even if she doesn’t fit your body or find your g-spot, she’s still an awesome vibrator. I use the flat head to tease my vaginal lips and rest lightly on my clit. Her little nose makes for decent pin point stimulation. And her back carries about the same amount of vibration as her other areas do, meaning you can stimulate and tease the whole area as much as you want.
LELO made a very solid, reliable toy when they produced the Gigi. She is great for the beginner and advanced. If you know you have a deeper g-spot, she probably won’t be able to reach it; but she still has the LELO quality. I would definitely buy this toy again.