I bought this gorgeous Little Gold vibrator when Jimmyjane was having an awesome sale on their ‘Little Something’ vibes (66% OFF!).
I had always lusted after metal vibes, and the thought of putting something so sophisticated and gorgeous between my legs made me, frankly, wet.

This vibrator is great for multiple reasons:
– Powered by single AA battery (included!)
– Replaceable motor. (Although this sucker isn’t going down easily.)
– Completely waterproof
– Stunning visually
– Almost silent. By far, the quietest motor I have ever heard.
– Fairly powerful, despite battery size
– Discreet

However there are a few downsides:
– When first turning on, it’s incredibly loud.
– May not be powerful enough for many people

Despite some of its misgivings, this is one of my favorite toys.

Little Gold came shipped to my house, in a plain brown box, but as soon as I cut into the packing tape things got interesting. Jimmyjane wraps the toy packaging in white tissue paper, then holds that together with a sticker that has their logo on it. Gorgeous, and thoughtful, because it made unwrapping the actual toy so special. After I opened the white tissue paper, the toy sat in its white and black box. LELO is probably one of the most thought of companies when referring to classy packaging, but Jimmyjane deserves a share of that. I’m such an incredible sucker for sophisticated packaging.

As soon as you take the top off the box, you see the Little Gold, in a little stand. Remove this and you find the battery, manual, cloth carrying bag and a little envelope filled with hint cards. These cards are constructed with the thought that you give one to your sweetie (or leave one out for them to find) that tells them exactly what you want. Mine featured mostly massage products such as their candles, the wink blindfold (wants!), little something vibrators, and double wrap lariat necklace (which is being discontinued as I write this review).

I’m not sure how much of this toy is gold. The outside undoubtedly is, but because gold is pretty soft it’s not a practical material to make an entire toy out of. If it were pure gold, you could bend it in half pretty easily (I suspect) but this one is solid. I dropped it about a foot onto a ceramic bathtub bottom and no dents resulted in either party.

All of the Little Something vibrators are completely body-safe and non-toxic. Clean with soap and water after each use, or throw the casing in the dishwasher if you’d like. If you do use the dishwasher, take the motor and battery out first. If you wash with soap and water, make sure the cap is completely screwed on otherwise water might leak in.

How to Use
The twist off cap on one end is how you turn it on. In a few turns to the right it turns on, but the motor bounces around on the inside, resulting in a loud buzz. Once you twist the cap all the way down (takes 2 or 3 seconds) it becomes almost silent. I could only hear it when it was about a 2 feet away from my ear, outside the covers. When it got between my legs, I need to strain my ears to hear it, even in a silent room and on the outside of my body.

This particular vibrator should only be used vaginally and clitorally. However there are two holes on the cap where you can thread a string through to make it anally safe[r]. I wouldn’t do that, because it’s just too streamline for me to feel comfortable using it there.

My Use
Jimmyjane says, “The vibrator has only one speed…but it’s the right speed”. I’m not so sure I agree with the second part of that statement. I have orgasmed from this toy multiple times, but it takes a lot of build-up. Do not expect this to be a ‘Wham-Bam Thank-you ma’am’ kind of toy, because it’s not. I set aside 5-10 minutes of just teasing myself with this – running the cool metal up and down my labia, over my nipples and various other things – before I use it on my clit.

The strongest point of this toy is the very tip, opposite the cap. The vibrations continue about halfway down the toy. This strong tip means incredible pinpoint stimulation, which is usually how I finish things. There’s no reason to use lube (which I love, because I don’t own any). The metal is so smooth it slides around, wherever you want it to go.

I use this toy when I just need some time to love myself. I would love to buy everyone I know one because everyone deserves a vibrator that makes them feel incredibly sexy and desirable. Honestly, I’ve decided this is going to be my (future) bridesmaids’ presents. I have no reason to be planning this, I don’t expect to be married anytime soon, but I don’t see any gift being better than this.