When I first looked into nipple charms, I thought they were gorgeous. I had heard about them through a review from one of the blogs I read (can’t find the review or remember the reviewer now) so they have been in the back of my mind for a while. They also have nipple rings (if you have the piercing for it) as well as clitoral non-piercing jewelry and a few other things.

I’m going to get a little bit intimate and TMI here, so if you’re mostly interested in customer support, skip on down the page.

I was really interested in the non-piercing nipple dangles; they’re just so attractive and look like a lot of fun to play with. However, my nipples don’t get hard/erect in the normal sense. In a “normal” woman, the middle becomes erect; sticks out and looks somewhat like a pencil eraser. (I hope I didn’t offend anyone there; that wasn’t my intent and I’m just trying to relate my story to the best of my ability). My nipples have never done that, and I’m fine with that. I used to be incredibly self-conscious and worried about being different, but I rather love them now. It’s not that they aren’t sensitive because they are. They just look more manly, I think, than feminine.

(Back to being safe for everyone)

So, I emailed the company asking if they thought the dangles would work for me. Nikki, the owner, replied super fast, recommending the ultra-thin hoops or I could send her a picture of my nipple (close-up, no face) and she could tell me for sure. I opted out of the photo opportunity, and bought the ultra-thin hooped “Tassel” charms.

Unfortunately, they didn’t work like I hoped they would. My body just didn’t want to cooperate, so I gave them to a close friend of mine. Needless to say, she was ecstatic and loved them and has had no problems wearing them. Hint, I think these make a great present for a very close friend.

The hoop design is very easy to use, just loop around your nipple and slide the bead up or down to fit snuggly. The dangles I got were really cute and sexy!

The customer service that I got from Nipple Charms was beyond amazing the entire time. When I was originally inquiring about the dangles the contact form was super easy to find and fill out. Then I got a reply within about 2 hours. We were talking back and forth for a while until I felt comfortable/confident enough to place an order. We had a small problem with my shipping address but it was settled in a couple emails. I can honestly say she was really helpful and understanding but also really discreet. She checked in on me to make sure I got the package on time and to make sure everything was satisfactory.

The package was really discreet; the return address was from ave Jewelry; that’s also how it appears on your billing statement.

I recommend contacting her if you have any questions about products (like I did) or anything else; or you can email me if you have any more questions about my experience or the products I got.