The pocket rocket was the first vibrator I had ever heard about. It’s somewhat infamous for it’s small size and portability, so I was rather delighted to get the opportunity to review it.


Fascinations sent this to me in their discreet brown box, packed in pink paper.

The Pocket Rocket itself comes in a somewhat comical package, portraying the vibrator as a rocket and proclaiming it’s “simply the best mini massager in the world!” I didn’t find this to be completely true, but I’ll discuss that in a minute.

It doesn’t come with much information; in fact the only useful info says that it uses one AA battery, recommends against use in the shower and is phthalate free.

I don’t use the box for storage; it’s just too hard to put in and take out and because the pocket rocket comes with a little cap for the top I don’t feel like it will get dirty in my drawer.


The box states that it is made from ABS plastic, but I think that’s only the casing. There are 3 metal balls that are good for transferring vibration but I’m unsure what type of metal they are. Brass, perhaps?

It’s about 3 or 4 inches long, and readily fits in most of my pockets so it does hold true to its name.

How to Use

There are only three functions- Open, Off, On- in that order. You can twist the bottom so that an arrow points to the function you want.
Twist the bottom to the left to open it for batteries.
Twist the bottom to the right to turn it on.

Unfortunately it has only one speed. This speed will be sufficient for some, and was just barely enough for me.

The cap it comes with has little spikes on the top so I assume they made it for use. However, it doesn’t carry vibrations at all. I find it completely useless except for storage.

The three brass beads on top don’t move at all, they just transfer vibrations.

My Use

The Pocket Rocket isn’t very strong. I use it as a teaser vibe, because it’s small and convenient and fairly quiet.

It does make a buzzy noise that you can hear while it’s under covers but not through a closed door. If you hold it tightly in your hand you can make it a little quieter which makes me think there are some parts rattling around inside.

The best thing about this toy are the three metal balls at the top. I can press these into my clit (not too hard, that can be painful) and can sometimes bring on an orgasm. If I have already had an orgasm, it becomes easier; but this toy definitely does not guarantee an orgasm for me. If I use with another source of stimulation (dildo, streamline vibrator, boyfriend, fingers) I can reach orgasm. Thankfully, it’s shape is decently ergonomic to use during sex or while thrusting another toy.

I do love putting this on my nipples though. Something about its shape or size mixed with the right intensity of vibration makes this perfect for nipple stimulation, for me.

What I don’t appreciate is how difficult it is to clean this one. I don’t know how much I can put under water without risking the rest of the toy. Therefore, I only clean the vibrating beads with a damp cloth. If I want to be really thorough I put a little bleach on the cloth with the water but I still don’t feel like I cant get this toy completely clean; there’s just too many grooves that can house bacteria.

In the end, this toy is good for those with very sensitive clits or those who enjoy a little nipple stimulation. It won’t be strong enough for most but it’s portable and fairly quiet.

Thanks to Fascinations for providing me this toy to review!