I’m mostly writing this little blurb about the awful box that System JO used to ship review products to me. These product reviews will be coming later on but I don’t want to reiterate this looong complaint in each review. Therefore, I intend to link back here in all of them.

System JO offered to let me review a few products for them. After a few quick emails, they were sent my way with the warning that ‘the box would say System JO’. I didn’t figure that in itself would be too bad because the name isn’t obvious. Unfortunately, the lubes were sent in a less than discreet box. In fact, there was absolutely nothing discreet about it; shouting System JO, ‘anal safe lubricant’ along with instructions for use. I took pictures and posted them up here, just so you better understand what happened and why I’m so embarrassed.

I suppose that’s a risk I run by ordering and reviewing adult products but this is (so far) the only embarrassing package I’ve received.

I was extremely disappointed by this obvious packaging, mostly because I live in the dorms and pick up my packages in person at the front office, where no less than 20 people work.

I saw that package and from five feet away I could see the ‘anal safe’ stamp.

At that point my heart sank and I got nauseous. No one should have his or her personal life stated on the outside of a cardboard box like that. I still find it completely inappropriate and a little bit outrageous. It was also unexpected, coming from a high-quality manufacturer. When I signed for it I got judgmental looks and, I think, a couple jealous stares.

So, after I scuttled back to my room, I tweeted a few times and wrote an email to System JO. I did get an apology from System JO, along with the assurance that it will not happen again and that all boxes they ship out now will be plain brown packaging. Apparently, I got my products shipped in a box they do not normally use for customers and future customers or reviewers shouldn’t worry about it. I recommend emailing the company if you want to double check; I do give them credit for sending quick replies and for being very friendly.

UPDATE: I was personally informed by the company, after my first review went live, that there is no need to contact them to ensure a discreet box, all customer orders are automatically shipped in a plain brown box. The only reason mine was so non-discreet was because it was sent from the marketing department, rather than the warehouse (where all the customers orders are handled).

I do not regret asking to review these products, however, and I’m fairly sure I would go through the whole upsetting ordeal again. They really are fantastic lubes that are body safe and long lasting.

Various reviews will be coming up shortly.