I had always wanted to try out a few System JO lubes, and luckily I recently got the chance. It’s a fairly new company, started in 2003, but they’ve since started lines of water and silicone based lubricants, warming lubes, flavored lubes, and massage oils, along with a few other things.

Today, I’ll be reviewing their Womens H20 lubricant. There’s a few different subcategories to this, such as Agape(which I’ll be reviewing soon, so look back), Warming and Silicone, but I’m just covering the very basic kind.

This particular lube contains glycerin but the Agape version does not. On their website, it states that this glycerin is derived from plants, instead of animals. They also state the animal derived glycerin is more likely to cause yeast infections.

Glycerin is a type of sugar. Sugar feeds yeast. Overgrowth of yeast causes yeast infections. I have had yeast infections, in fact I get them more commonly than I like but even though I’ve been using this lube consistently, 3-6 times weekly for almost a month, I haven’t had any yeast infections come up.

The fact that this product doesn’t offend my body at all is a little surprising, not because it’s a questionable product (it’s not), but because I have such a sensitive body.

This lube does contain parabens though, and some women have reactions to that. Parabens are preservatives and you must have a preservative in a water based lube because otherwise it will go bad.

Full Ingredient List: Propyl Paraben, Methyl Paraben, Sodium Carboxy methyl cellulose, Glycerin, Purified Water

In use, this lube is excellent. It’s very slippery, and stay slippery for quite a while. I generally use two squirts of the pump top for dildos/insertable vibes and that stays slippery throughout my whole play session. It’s satiny, with a feel very similar to their silicone lube.

It’s very runny with a consistency barely thicker than water but it hasn’t dripped off my toys onto the covers. If this happens to you though, no biggie, just toss it in the wash and it should come out without problems.

After I get done I either wipe it off me with a damp cloth or take a shower. It comes off easily both ways. Just use a little soap and water on your toys to ensure nothing remains behind.

The bottle itself is rather discreet. It has a very modern looking label and from a distance all you can see is the brand name, System JO, on a colored band around the bottom. I’ve left this standing out on my headboard and it’s not eye catching at all.

The bottle has also been carried around in my purse and it has never once leaked out or squirted unexpectedly. It’s laid down sideways for a day or two in my toy drawer without leaking a drop.

The package I received it in was the biggest problem I had with this product and I wrote about that here. The short version is, it came in a VERY non-discreet package, the company apologized and stated publicly that they would no longer be using that type of packaging. I suggest you email them if you’d like to be sure though, because they are friendly and quick to respond.

UPDATE: I was personally informed by the company that there is no need to contact them to ensure a discreet box, all customer orders are always shipped in a plain brown box. The only reason mine was so non-discreet was because it was sent from the marketing department, rather than the warehouse (where all the customers orders are handled). The only reason the marketing department was the one who shipped these to me is because I received them for free, to review and write about as honestly as possible.

Overall, this is one awesome lube worth investing in. The bottle will last for quite awhile, considering I use very little each time. I wish I had known how badly I would want a lube when I first started reviewing toys, because I use this or the agape version each and every time.

System Jo provided me this lubricant for free in exchange for an honest review.