System JO was generous enough to send me a few different lubricants to review. Most recently I posted the review for their Women’s H20 Lubricant, this week I’ll be reviewing the Agape Women’s H20. They’re very similar with a few key differences.

First off, their original Women’s H20 lists glycerin in the ingredients, while this one doesn’t. Glycerin is a type of sugar known to increase the risk of yeast infections. Even though the original version doesn’t agitate me in any way, I feel more comfortable knowing there isn’t a bigger risk of yeast infections.

Both contain parabens however, which irritate some women. They don’t affect me, even though I typically have really sensitive skin.

Full list of Ingredients:
Methyl paraben, Propylene glycol, Propyl paraben, Sodium Carboxy methyl cellulose, Purified water

This lube is very slippery, with a viscosity similar to water. It might run off your fingers onto your sheets, but generally once you put it on an area, it will stay there. If the lube does get onto your sheets, a quick run through the laundry should remove it. It washes off pretty much anything (toys, body parts) with a little soap and water or a damp cloth.

It does stay slippery for a considerably long time, and if it starts getting tacky, a teaspoon of water should rejuvenate it. If you want a lube that lasts a really long time, consider trying their Silicone lube.

I use this lube most often, because silicone toys are almost always involved in my playtime because mixing silicone lube and silicone toys is an awful idea.

The bottle is really cute, discreet and easy to use. I love the fact it is a pump top! Just a pump or two is plenty and the top is easy to press, even with slippery fingers. As long as you keep the protective plastic cap on top of the pump top, it’s safe to carry around. I’ve kept this in my purse for a few days without incident and it doesn’t leak when turned on its side.

I honestly can’t tell much of a difference between this lube and their Original Women’s H20 Lube, which I recently reviewed. However, if I had to pick one, I would go with this one because it’s glycerin free.

I own the 4oz bottle and I fully expect it to last about a year, because not much is needed for use.

Thank you System JO! They gave me this product in exchange for an honest review.