First off I want to thank My Pleasure for sending me sex toys to review! Secondly, I have to be honest; this isn’t the toy I thought it was. The fault is completely my own, but for some reason I expected the Royal to be about 6 or 7 inches tall. In reality, this toy is about 4 inches tall and less than an inch and a half across its widest point. That’s not a bad thing at all; I was just surprised to see how small it was. To put it in perspective, this is a little larger than the size of an average forefinger.

After I saw it, with its petite size with the sharp curve, I thought it was meant strictly for men (for prostate massage) so I put off trying to use it. Which was a mistake. I don’t think that any toy is strictly for men or women because that’s purely subjective. Anyways, after I tried it, I was a little surprised. There’s two different ways to use this toy, anally and vaginally. Remember; don’t go from anal play to vaginal without sanitation (hot water and soap or a 10% bleach solution).


The Royal comes in a clear plastic bag with a cardboard label stapled at the top. It’s shipped from My Pleasure in a plain cardboard box so everything is completely discrete.

There isn’t much relevant info on the cardboard, nor was there any info on the bag. It isn’t good for storage; there isn’t anything remarkable about it.


This toy is made from 100% silicone with a shiny, slightly matte finish. It doesn’t require much lube to make it slick enough for anal, but make sure you use a water-based variety. It also comes with a small bullet that can fit in the bottom of the toy.

The bullet is silver painted plastic with a small o-ring, which makes me believe that it is somewhat waterproof, or at least water resistant. The biggest problem with the bullet is that it requires 3 watch batteries, however, they are included with the toy.

How to Use

It’s easy to slip the bullet into base of the Royal, no lube required. It’s push button, so push it all the way into the base or it won’t stay on. It isn’t very strong but vibrations do reach the end of the shaft.

Vaginal or anal is up to you; it’s good for both. I’m very much an anal beginner and I found it enjoyable. Again, it is about the size of a finger so I imagine that anyone would be able to enjoy it.

I would consider this travel size because it’s only a few inches long, but the bullet is very easy to turn on. The bullet doesn’t completely fit inside (about half an inch), making for easy removal. However because that much sticks out of the base, it won’t stand flat on its base. This means that it is very easy to knock it over.

The silicone is very flexible, but not very squishy. I can bend it in half or in a twist without much resistance but there is a firm quality to it.

My Use

I tried it vaginally at first, and it strokes the g-spot wonderfully. The funny shape at the middle that has a sharp angle proved the biggest problem for both vaginal and anal play. The rest of the toy is smooth, and then all of a sudden, I’ll hit that bump. It doesn’t take much extra pressure to push past, but it does mess up the groove, if you will.

I honestly prefer using it as a gentle intro to anal play. The only problem with that is again, that funny angular shape in the middle. This isn’t a plug, this is a dildo/vibrator. It’s for thrusting. That little angular bulge in the shaft makes for an unpleasant bump. I generally just push it in and hold it with my hand so it won’t pop out but still gives me something to squeeze against.

The bullet isn’t strong enough to get me off, whether it’s inside the toy or not. It has very gentle, high-pitched vibes. The Royal couldn’t get me off by itself, but it is wonderful in use with another toy.

Thanks again, MyPleasure!