My Pleasure, retailer of fine sex toys, sent me the very fine Beyond One vibrator to review. This is one of those toys I’ve been dying to try. The shape is aesthetically and body pleasing, it comes from a company that’s highly reputable, and has reviews praising it all over the Internet.


The Beyond one comes in a very discrete, classy package. There’s a white box that holds a piece of firm black foam that’s shaped to fit the toy. There’s a sleeve of magenta cardboard that wraps around the foam. On the underside of the sleeve, all the information about the toy is visible. I didn’t particularly like this because I don’t want to deconstruct the package in order to find out about the different modes of vibration and whatnot.

The other thing that bothered me was the awful smell that hit me right after I opened the box. It was a strange mix of musk and foam. I took the toy out of the foam, washed it with soap and water and left the foam to air out in a drawer. After that, the toy smelled fine but I didn’t want to put it back in the foam. After a day or two, the smell wasn’t noticeable at all.


The Beyond one is completely silicone, meaning it’s easy to sterilize between partners. Don’t use a silicone-based lube, but do use plenty of water-based, because it can feel a little big during insertion.

The silicone has a funny knob at the end that is pretty much guaranteed to hit the g-pot. I don’t particularly like thrusting with this toy but some small rocking feels fantastic.

How to Use

It isn’t waterproof so don’t get the mechanics (i.e. the handle) under water. They claim it’s splash proof but I would be careful in the shower because the controls don’t feel as well protected as I would like.

The only way to turn it on or switch modes it to hit the button quickly, if you hold it down, nothing will happen.

There are 9 settings; the first three are steady vibrations, the next six are patterns with different speeds and strengths.

They advertise having ‘whisper technology’ and I took that to mean it would be whisper-quiet. It isn’t as quiet as I was hoping. It does have a faint ‘shhh’ quality to the noise, making it sound like a whisper.

The good news is that the sound doesn’t increase dramatically with the vibration levels; it’s about the same volume no matter what you’re doing. In fact, the sound reminds me of a battery operated fan or air conditioner.

The bottom is a little tricky to get on and off correctly, but it won’t turn on if you’ve got it on wrong, and makes a solid click when you get it twisted on correctly.

It uses 2 AAA batteries that do not come with the toy. I had to steal the ones from my TV remote to use this toy, because don’t you know, I run out right when I get the toy I’ve been dying to try? But, the good news is that even though they were partially used when I put them in, they still haven’t run out. This toy doesn’t use batteries quickly at all.

My Use

I love how much stimulation my g-spot gets from this toy, no thrusting necessary. I’m a little worried that some people are going to hate the “g-spot knob” because it is really big. Also, because it’s so big, I couldn’t get the pinpoint stimulation I crave. Not to say I couldn’t climax because the vibrations were excellent. Rumbly but not too deep.

At the bottom of the knob there are three small ridges that I believe are meant to stimulate the vaginal opening. Unless I purposefully angled the toy to a certain degree I couldn’t feel them at all; when I could feel them they were more abrasive than pleasurable.

I love the shape of this toy and how well it targets my g-spot. Definitely a very well made toy with excellent features. Virgins and beginning toy users may have a little difficulty with the size but I believe most people would be delighted with the Beyond One.

Thanks again, MyPleasure!