Starting off, I want to thank the awesome people over at MyPleasure, for being so patient with me in getting this review out, and of course, thank them for providing the toy I am reviewing!

When I first saw the design of the Tango Dancer, I thought “Toothbrush?” and I was definitely dubious as to whether or not this would be a successful toy. I must say, I was pleasantly surprised. Not to mention, the color is wonderful in person. I’m so tired of pink toys; this toy is a playful twilightly/indigo combination.


There’s nothing here worth commenting on. No naked ladies, but no classiness. It was just a plain plastic shell and a cardboard insert that lists a small bit of info.

The first thing I noticed was California Exotics pushing their “State of the Art Memory Chip”. Now, I don’t claim to know much about technology but this makes me extremely skeptical. Quote from the back of the package: “State of the Art Memory Chip Allows You to Turn Off Vibrator and Later Resume on the Same Function!” And it does exactly that, but I felt like they shouldn’t act like it is some huge innovation because other companies have had vibrators doing this for years.

Edit: Evidently this toy has been out for awhile and was one of the first toys to have this ‘memory chip’ technology. The fact that it’s been manufactured for so long is a good sign to me.

I won’t be keeping this toy in its annoying little plastic clamshell package. It takes forever to put it back and it doesn’t close completely anymore, no matter how perfectly I try to put it in.

Another thing I hated about the package was this sentence from the cover, “Feel the Rhythm with this Totally Multi-Function, Satiny Soft, Ultra Powerful, Magical Wand!” I can handle a little bit of ‘floofy’ language, but, I’m sorry, ‘magical wand’? No. No. No. Just Don’t.


The long tip and parts of the handle are crafted from a silky TPR silicone. The very very top is slightly flexible, the handle is completely stiff ABS plastic. I kinda wish the tip were as firm as the handle because when I try to press it into my clit, it bends away a tiny bit. Some people will like this, I imagine, because the material is softer and could be considered ‘gentler’. I have to press really hard to get the tip to point north, everything up to slightly past the narrow neck is complete, immobile, stiff, rigid silicone covered plastic.

TPR silicone is not quite pure silicone, so only use water based lubes, or you run the risk of ruining your toy. Wash with soap and water after each use to keep it clean and safe!

How to Use

I understand this toy is being marketed as a g-spot toy, but it certainly did not do anything for me because it was so thin! My g-spot needs broad stimulation. Luckily, my clit loves to have the kind of pinpoint stimulation that this toy is built for.

The vibrations are in the moderate to deep range, and that is the kind that works best for me.

There are two buttons on the bottom: “Power” on/off and “Cycle” through the vibrations levels. The ‘memory chip’ that Cal Exotics is so proud of does indeed work. I always turn it on, get off on that one level and turn it right back off. There are 3 steady vibration levels, and 7 patterns that vary in strength and speed.

2 AAA batteries are required for use, but are easy to put in (thank god!) and there’s a reassuring ‘click’ when the bottom is screwed into place.

My Use

My clit and I love this toy. Love it. Despite the whispery, almost kinda loud motor that can be heard through covers but (probably) not through the door. Keep some music or a TV on in the background and this toy will just sound like whitenoise.

I only ever use the highest steady vibration level that this toy has. None of the patterns are exactly what my body needs.

The only thing I really cannot stand? The wristband with the plastic heart bead. I’m a big girl, I can hold onto my vibrator(s) just fine.

The best use I’ve ever had with this toy comes in conjunction with a partner. I used this one night after getting really turned on. This is by far one of the best vibrators I’ve used that fits so comfortably in between two people. Its size is perfect to hold in hand. When I’m using in between the two of us, I hold it kind of like I would hold a whisk.

I started using it the moment his penis went in (after a few orgasms that he had brought on with his fingers), and I had one of the most intense orgasms ever. Like, “Top Three,” at least. I lost control of my vocal cords and just screamed in pleasure. I’m so glad no one was home when we did this because it probably sounded like I was being injured. Badly.

Toothbrush appearance or not, this one will definitely be staying at the top of the toy drawer at his house.

Thanks so much again My Pleasure for sending me this toy to review!