It’s no secret that I love lube. I use it whenever I need it, and frequently when I don’t because I truly believe it enhances my pleasure. However, only a quality lube will do. Junky, cheap lubes can gunk up quick and make things sticky. If they have the wrong ingredients, a yeast infection is almost guaranteed. Frolic is, by far, one of the best water based lubes I have ever used, and is my current favorite.

When considering a lube, ingredients are the first thing I look at. There’s a great guide over here. As a general note, I recommend avoiding glycerin (known to cause yeast infections), parabens (can irritate some people), and I personally like to avoid silicone because most of my toys are silicone. If silicone lubes come in contact with silicone toys they can fuse, leaving the toy in a state of permanent stickiness (at best). I also don’t like to use silicone because I feel like the body would have a hard time flushing it out, considering how silicone is water resistant. I figure, the longer that lube stays inside me, the longer it has time to gather bacteria and other problematic things.

The ingredients on Frolic:
Sodium Benzoate
Potassium Sorbate
Propylene Glycol,
Grapefruit Seed Extract,
Polyethylene Polymer

What attracted me to this particular lube was how they described it: “Specially Formulated For Use With Toys”. I can assure all my readers, and especially my fellow reviewers, this claim held up extremely well. I have done all my latest toy testing with the help of this lube and I cannot praise it enough.

It remains slick for a good amount of time, even with repetitive thrusting. It doesn’t get sticky; when it dries, it soaks into your skin like lotion, with only a tiny bit of ‘gunk’ left behind that I usually only notice after I’ve finished playing and am rinsing the toys off.

This is definitely more of a gel; it isn’t runny at all. I use this for my anal toys and would use it for anal sex if the occasion arises. It is as clear as water, with no smell. The taste is somewhat unpleasant. It’s extremely bitter and seems faintly chemically, however it is gone the second you remove your tongue from the lubed area.

I cannot recommend this lube enough to fellow toy users, masturbators and sexually active adults. The only people who might not enjoy this lube would be the people who get lube in their mouth frequently.

As a side note, the hot pink thing you see around the nozzle of the lube keeps the nozzle from being pushed during shipping or transportation. Hold onto this if you intend to carry lube around with you a lot.

Thank you so much, Fascinations, for sending me this lube to enjoy.

I received Frolic in exchange for an honest review.