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So after a lady on my flight refused to take her medicine, we had to make an emergency landing in Chicago, missed my connecting flight to Madrid and so, landed there about 10 hours later than expected. Also, they lost my luggage for 3 days. Shopping became less a luxury and more necessity. On the upside, I bought 3 adorable bra/panty sets for 4 euro each (about $5.50 I think) I’m gonna throw in a picture of the view from the top of the Cathedral tower in Seville.

Gorgeous, amiright?

So, at the writing of this review I’ve been back for awhile but I have yet to have time to relax. I went on a last minute 4th of July holiday and have been looking (desperately) for a decent apartment ever since I got back from Spain. If I have a review that you’re anticipating, don’t worry, I’m getting to it ASAP!

Well, in about 3 hours, I’ll be on a plane destined towards Madrid, Spain. I’ve been debating whether or not to share this information for about the past month, because I feel it is really personal. I figure most of the people who follow this blog do so for the reviews. However, I think everyone deserves to know. I’ll be taking my computer, so I’ll be able to check my email nightly, but don’t count on any new reviews.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to take a picture or two to share with all of you. Also, any sex toy companies based out of Seville? That’s a souvenir worth having. Besides the purse and shoes I plan on buying, of course.

Wish me Good Luck!

I’ve been looking on Amazon for a new wallet, because I’ve had mine for about 2 years and it’s starting to look pretty grungy. While I haven’t found one I’m interested in carrying, there were so many neat looking ones, I wanted to share them.

All the images are links to their listings, of course. I’m not doing this for the benefit of Amazon, any of their vendors, nor for myself; I just thought they were nifty products.

VERY IMAGE HEAVY POST – may take a while to load the impending awesomeness.

$18.45 (Free Ship)

$15.00 + Shipping

$10.99 + Shipping

$14.99 + Shipping

$16.00 + Shipping

$21.90 (Free Ship)

And finally I leave you with a slogan that has always sounded dirty to me:

$16.99 + Shipping

I didn’t like any of these for everyday use so I’m still shopping. Maybe another one of these posts will crop up.

Image Credit

So far I’ve finished 3 finals; one of which was an art final where I had to make 25 identical prints (Phew!) And I’m writing this in the middle of studying for my Political Science final (yay last one!)

My regularly scheduled blogging will continue shortly after I finish this final and move back into my parents house. I have a couple waaayy overdue reviews (sorry My Pleasure! Thanks for being so cool about it!) and I plan on having at least one up within the week and hopefully both of them up by a week from Wednesday.

I will be going on vacation for a week in Europe this summer, but other than that and working about 25 hours a week, I should be completely free to review and I honestly cannot wait. Expect some other (non-review) posts as well because I miss all of you guys!

So not sure how future “volumes” of “Etsy Finds” are going to go down but I found these awesome panties and had to show you guys. The pictures link directly to their listings online, so go have a gander if you’d like.


And while glancing through the rest of the store, I found these adorable flashy funky ones that I’m also dying to have.

Anyways, just wanted to do a quick post to let ya’ll know I’m still up and running. Hopefully I’ll be able to find more of these awesome things (uteruses are especially great) to share with you guys.

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