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The Silicone Posh Massager is one of those toys I’ve always had my eye on. It is decently cheap (especially for being silicone), it’s widely available and I’ve seen several positive reviews on it. I was pretty excited about getting it to review from, a company I haven’t had a chance to review for before. Unfortunately, this toy just didn’t do it for me.


The packaging is not cute or classy by any standard. It has a picture of a girl grinning widely, on a piece of cardboard that’s sandwiched in between the plastic clamshell and the toy. The information provided on the cardboard is minimal. I would imagine this toy has been around for at least 3 years, considering the copyright on the package is for 2007. The plastic clamshell is too large for storage, so I’m going to recycle it.

As for the info the package, there’s really nothing worth mentioning, but these are the points they stress: “Waterproof”, “100% silicone”, “Powerful”, “2 Speed”.


The packaging claims it is “100% silicone” but I’m doubtful. When I first opened the package, it smelled horrible — vaguely rubber-like. Silicone (at least the high-quality kind) doesn’t have any smell. I did a quick rinse with soap and water but it didn’t seem to help the smell at all.

Almost three weeks later, the smell is seriously diminished, but is still noticeable when the toy is within a few inches of my nose. I wonder if this smell isn’t the battery compartment, which is some kind of plastic inside the silicone ‘skin’.

The silicone itself is really soft to the touch, and the thin layer that’s on top of the hard plastic interior is pretty squishy.

How to Use

Simply throw one AA battery (not included) in the bottom and twist on the cap tight. There’s a press button that serves two functions: on/off and vibration level change. Press once for mild vibration, press again for moderate and press again to turn off.

There isn’t really a ‘high’ level, but unfortunately both mild and moderate are fairly loud. Low level could be heard through covers, and high almost definitely can be heard through a closed door.

The packaging advertises the toy as being waterproof, which is clearly visible by the thick o-ring around the battery case. I didn’t try it because I don’t particularly like using loud toys in a room that echoes but it held up fine after each wash with water in the sink.

My Use

In a sentence, this toy couldn’t do it for me. The vibrations are just too weak. The tip feels like there’s a gap between it and the motor, so there’s no way to make sure the vibes are pinpointed directly where I want them.

I don’t think the shape is meant for insertion, but I tried anyways. Use water-based lube, as always with silicone toys. However, even with the help of lube, it was still uncomfortable. There are two small rings under the head and surprisingly they irritated me.

The button is easy to use, however, it can be inconvenient. I keep wishing for a dedicated ‘on/off’ button. When the button is completely depressed, the vibrations stop, even when I’m just switching functions.

Not to mention, this toy is LOUD. I can hear it no matter how many covers I put on top, and I’m pretty sure that it can always be heard through a closed door.

All in all, there are better choices; it’s not hard to find a vibrator that don’t stink and is decently strong.

Vibrator.Com, the company that sent me this toy to review, has a huge selection of sex toys. If you’re looking at Clitoral Stimulators such as this one, I highly suggest browsing their site. Check out more reviews on their tumblr sent me this toy in exchange for an honest review. Thanks!

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