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First of all, this review was a long time in coming (sorry Fascinations!) for a couple different reasons, one of which is, this is the first time I’ve ever written a review on a book. Please don’t hesitate to comment or contact me if I forget anything that you’d like to know.

I wanted to review an erotic short story collection because I love the smutty scenes in romance novels. I wanted to review this book, Naughty Stories from A to Z, because it has many different scenarios; it has something for everyone (and, I’ll be honest, I love the little hand in lace on the cover). I wasn’t too sure what type of erotica appealed to me because I haven’t read very much of it. I also kinda wanted to review this one because “Banned in Texas” is a prominent feature on the cover. (Turns out, it’s only banned in Texas prisons because “it encourages deviate sexual behavior”)

I really wish I could give this book a better review because it has potential for being this awesome collection of well-written stories. Unfortunately, I found most of the stories too short to enjoy, most of them were written by amateur authors, and some had noticeable typos. The length of the stories was really the biggest source of frustration because the moment the story was just getting good, it would end. Several of the stories are only 4 pages long. There are 27 total stories, 184 pages.

Here is the table of contents. I know it's kinda huge (sorry guys), I wanted to make sure it was readable.

Truly, I typically like any erotica, no matter if amateurs write it or not. In this book however, I felt like some of the stories weren’t well written. I know some people might not even notice this, but when I compared the sex scene in a highly rated romance novel to some stories in this novel, there was a recognizable drop in quality. Romance novels and erotic short stories are two completely different animals but I feel like I shouldn’t be able to notice the quality drop. Same with the noticeable typos. I’m not an English major; I’m an art major that is somewhat conscious of these things (although not a perfect writer by any means). Any publisher worth their salt should notice and correct spelling errors.

One of the best things about this novel is the vast spectrum of topics. It really should have something for everyone. It goes from exhibitionists to first time orgy partakers to BDSM to phone sex to gay encounters. One of my favorite scenes is of average length, 7 pages long. It details the adventures of a first-time exhibitionist, displaying her self-enjoyment in the window of her hotel room.

I don’t think I’ll be reading this book cover to cover like I did when I first received it. I might go back to find my favorites and mark them, but I think that will only be about 10 of the stories. I’m still happy I got it for review because I found interest in some areas that I never knew I would enjoy.

Thanks Fascinations, for giving me this book in exchange for an honest review.

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