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The Orion from Evolved Novelties is an adorable, small, easy to use toy. It isn’t very eye-catching but when offered it to me, I was more than happy than happy to review it for them. I have the red Orion and it is a gorgeous shade of red. Definitely adds to the holiday cheer for me!


Orion is a part of the Bottle Rockets line, so it comes in a package that’s shaped like a mini bottle; it’s about as tall as a coke can. I’ll admit, it took me about five minutes for me to open the container. Hint, the top is NOT the way to get in. Turns out, the bottom is the way to go. Simply screw off and the toy comes out, easy as pie.

However, because the toy is sitting on its on/off push button in the bottle, it’s not the best place to store it because it’s remarkably easy to turn it on, accidentally.

Information on the outside talks about the materials and the manufacturer, so nothing too exciting.


One of the great things about this toy is that it’s silicone, covering some kind of hard plastic, I believe. It isn’t squishy at all but it does have that matte texture that silicone toys usually have. Powered by one AA battery, not included, and controlled by a push button on the bottom. The button has an especially soft layer of material covering it, while the base (the silver band and below) is hard plastic.

The only difference between this toy and the rest of the line is the shape of each. There are four, but I personally like this one visually the best. It’s almost like a really skinny hot air balloon with indentions running vertically up the sides. I can’t feel this texture in use and it’s a little annoying to clean but it is cute to look at.

How to Use

The Orion is completely waterproof, making it great for bath time fun. Just slide a single battery into the bottom and it’s ready to go. I haven’t used it underwater for any extended period of use, but I have no doubt that it is waterproof.

Make sure to only use waterbased lubricants because silicone lubes will damage the surface texture of the toy.

To clean, you can use a 10% bleach solution or make sure the bottom is tightly sealed and wash with hot water and soap.

The button is very simple to use, just push in once to turn it on and off again to stop.

My Use

I was a little surprised at how loud this toy is. Not because it’s Hitachi loud, which it isn’t at all. It’s just a lot louder than I anticipated. I had to turn on the TV before I was comfortable using this in my dorm, because my walls are quite thin.

The vibrations are very high-pitched and buzzy. My clit hates that kind of vibrations but my nipples enjoy them so I only use this on my breasts. Vibration strength is decent considering it’s powered by a single battery but it isn’t enough to make me finish. This is definitely a teaser vibe.

I wish this toy had more power. Evolved Novelties did good on a lot of things about this toy: It’s silicone, Waterproof, Decently cheap, Fits in a purse or pocket easily. But power is one of those things that I can’t give up. I don’t want another vibe that’s only good for nipples, and really, that’s the best use of this toy (for me).

Thanks again, Daily Sex Toys!

This vibrator is not particularly eye catching, and for this reason it is over-looked easily. I admit I was unimpressed when I first pulled this out of the package. I decided I wouldn’t like it before I even tried it. Luckily, I was incredibly wrong. If you’re looking for an understated, powerful, quality, affordable vibrator, this is a great place to start.

I won this in a giveaway from Right now they’re in the process of changing servers but I’ve been assured they’ll be up and running shortly.


It was shipped to me in a plain brown; everything was very discreet. I don’t remember the exact name they shipped from but it didn’t sound like a sex toy company, distributor or store. I’m sure if you contacted them, they’d be happy to tell you what to expect.

Bliss No.5 came in a simple, small package. There is relatively no information on the box about its features. It states on the back, in 6 languages that it’s a
-‘Powerful vibrator made of 100% Japanese platinum Silicone’:
-‘Ergonomically designed for maximum pleasure’
-‘Single Switch Mode Functionality’
-‘5 Different Vibration Modes’
-‘Whisper Technology’
-‘Splash Proof’

And it has graphics depicting the vibration modes, but that is all they say. There are no instructions or warranties, as far as I know.

The toy itself was sitting inside a plastic blister pack. No bag for storage. I keep this in the box all the time because it picks up lint and I hate having to wash toys before every use.


The shaft is 100% soft, smooth silicone and the base feels like a hard plastic. I imagine this black base would get very slick with lube, although I’ve never used lube with this one because I love it for clit stimulation. I REALLY love this for clit stimulation. But we’ll cover that later on. The button for changing vibration mode is on the bottom, made from silicone that matches the shaft.

The silicone is not the matte-ist I’ve ever felt but it does have a little drag that’s easily remedied with a spot of water-based lube.

How to Use

The toy itself is fairly ergonomic. It has a streamline shaft, with a button on the bottom placed for easy rotation through the modes. I hit this button on accident quite a few times, however, after I learned how to avoid this it wasn’t so bad. But, it still required conscious thoughts against hitting it.

The modes include 3 steady vibration modes, a ‘climax’ mode and a ‘pulsing’ mode. The climax mode is essentially steady vibes interspersed with an increased intensity every few seconds. The pulsing mode is pretty self explanatory; vibration then no vibration, repeating.

To turn it on, you hold the button for a few seconds. To switch modes, you press the button once. To get a power boost, you hold the button for about two seconds, but if you hold it longer, the toy will shut off. This can be very frustrating, because if you’re on the verge of an orgasm, you shouldn’t need to risk turning off your vibrator. I did this a couple times and it is beyond aggravating. I don’t even try to use the power boost option anymore.

Remember this is a silicone toy so no silicone lubes!

It requires two AA batteries, not included. I personally am amazed how intense the vibrations are in this toy, given that they only takes two AA. This is easily one of the most powerful vibrators I own, although it is a little on the loud side.

Watch out for your cervix with this one. I hit mine a couple times and the material is definitely hard enough to bruise. There isn’t much flexibility in this toy at all. About two-thirds up the shaft there is a place where you can bend it, but only very slightly. The tip and the rest of the shaft feels like a 1/8 inch of silicone on top of a hard plastic shell.

It claims it’s splash-proof but I think it’d be waterproof if it weren’t for that button. The black bottom that houses the batteries is protected by an o-ring and clicks satisfyingly into place. I imagine you would be okay in the shower using this, but I still don’t recommend it. Also, try to avoid getting water on that base while you’re cleaning it.

My Use

I picked this toy up on the way to spend the weekend with my boyfriend at his house. Luckily, his two roommates were gone and I could be as loud as I wanted, a luxury because at least one is always home and the walls are pretty thin.

It is pretty loud. In fact, it is the loudest toy I own. But it’s also the most powerful.

I wouldn’t feel comfortable using this in my dorm without the tv turned up really loud. It is definitely loud enough to hear through covers and possibly through the door, depending on how thick it is.

The button on the bottom, I kinda hate. It is very easy to push accidentally. If you hold it too long and the toy shuts off, bad things happen. I almost threw it against the wall during my first time using it because it shut off on me at least three times when I was just about to orgasm. This is similar to partners changing positions or technique on you when you’re just about to climax. Frustrating.

Something about the shape of this toy makes me want to press it into my vulva with the vibrations against my clit. I’ve had some of the most intense orgasms I’ve ever had, doing exactly this. I can rub against it fairly well, but the vibrations do decrease a little bit if I press too hard against it.

I also sometimes put only the point on my clit; this means amazing pin-point stimulation.

I seriously cannot tell you enough how amazing the vibes are on this toy; they’re deep and rumbly. Which totally makes up for the loud buzz that comes with it.

It’s thicker than average, so when I do insert it, I have make sure I’m ready for it. This toy is also girthy enough that it hits my g-spot, even though I doubt it was designed to do this, given the lack of a curve.

Thanks so much to Daily Sex Toys for sending me this fabulous toy. I very much appreciate it.

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