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It’s no secret that I love lube. I use it whenever I need it, and frequently when I don’t because I truly believe it enhances my pleasure. However, only a quality lube will do. Junky, cheap lubes can gunk up quick and make things sticky. If they have the wrong ingredients, a yeast infection is almost guaranteed. Frolic is, by far, one of the best water based lubes I have ever used, and is my current favorite.

When considering a lube, ingredients are the first thing I look at. There’s a great guide over here. As a general note, I recommend avoiding glycerin (known to cause yeast infections), parabens (can irritate some people), and I personally like to avoid silicone because most of my toys are silicone. If silicone lubes come in contact with silicone toys they can fuse, leaving the toy in a state of permanent stickiness (at best). I also don’t like to use silicone because I feel like the body would have a hard time flushing it out, considering how silicone is water resistant. I figure, the longer that lube stays inside me, the longer it has time to gather bacteria and other problematic things.

The ingredients on Frolic:
Sodium Benzoate
Potassium Sorbate
Propylene Glycol,
Grapefruit Seed Extract,
Polyethylene Polymer

What attracted me to this particular lube was how they described it: “Specially Formulated For Use With Toys”. I can assure all my readers, and especially my fellow reviewers, this claim held up extremely well. I have done all my latest toy testing with the help of this lube and I cannot praise it enough.

It remains slick for a good amount of time, even with repetitive thrusting. It doesn’t get sticky; when it dries, it soaks into your skin like lotion, with only a tiny bit of ‘gunk’ left behind that I usually only notice after I’ve finished playing and am rinsing the toys off.

This is definitely more of a gel; it isn’t runny at all. I use this for my anal toys and would use it for anal sex if the occasion arises. It is as clear as water, with no smell. The taste is somewhat unpleasant. It’s extremely bitter and seems faintly chemically, however it is gone the second you remove your tongue from the lubed area.

I cannot recommend this lube enough to fellow toy users, masturbators and sexually active adults. The only people who might not enjoy this lube would be the people who get lube in their mouth frequently.

As a side note, the hot pink thing you see around the nozzle of the lube keeps the nozzle from being pushed during shipping or transportation. Hold onto this if you intend to carry lube around with you a lot.

Thank you so much, Fascinations, for sending me this lube to enjoy.

I received Frolic in exchange for an honest review.

First of all, this review was a long time in coming (sorry Fascinations!) for a couple different reasons, one of which is, this is the first time I’ve ever written a review on a book. Please don’t hesitate to comment or contact me if I forget anything that you’d like to know.

I wanted to review an erotic short story collection because I love the smutty scenes in romance novels. I wanted to review this book, Naughty Stories from A to Z, because it has many different scenarios; it has something for everyone (and, I’ll be honest, I love the little hand in lace on the cover). I wasn’t too sure what type of erotica appealed to me because I haven’t read very much of it. I also kinda wanted to review this one because “Banned in Texas” is a prominent feature on the cover. (Turns out, it’s only banned in Texas prisons because “it encourages deviate sexual behavior”)

I really wish I could give this book a better review because it has potential for being this awesome collection of well-written stories. Unfortunately, I found most of the stories too short to enjoy, most of them were written by amateur authors, and some had noticeable typos. The length of the stories was really the biggest source of frustration because the moment the story was just getting good, it would end. Several of the stories are only 4 pages long. There are 27 total stories, 184 pages.

Here is the table of contents. I know it's kinda huge (sorry guys), I wanted to make sure it was readable.

Truly, I typically like any erotica, no matter if amateurs write it or not. In this book however, I felt like some of the stories weren’t well written. I know some people might not even notice this, but when I compared the sex scene in a highly rated romance novel to some stories in this novel, there was a recognizable drop in quality. Romance novels and erotic short stories are two completely different animals but I feel like I shouldn’t be able to notice the quality drop. Same with the noticeable typos. I’m not an English major; I’m an art major that is somewhat conscious of these things (although not a perfect writer by any means). Any publisher worth their salt should notice and correct spelling errors.

One of the best things about this novel is the vast spectrum of topics. It really should have something for everyone. It goes from exhibitionists to first time orgy partakers to BDSM to phone sex to gay encounters. One of my favorite scenes is of average length, 7 pages long. It details the adventures of a first-time exhibitionist, displaying her self-enjoyment in the window of her hotel room.

I don’t think I’ll be reading this book cover to cover like I did when I first received it. I might go back to find my favorites and mark them, but I think that will only be about 10 of the stories. I’m still happy I got it for review because I found interest in some areas that I never knew I would enjoy.

Thanks Fascinations, for giving me this book in exchange for an honest review.

The Bimini Flash by Fun Factory is part of their newest “Click ‘N’ Charge” line, an awesome idea that falls a little short in execution. It’s made of high quality materials, is waterproof and environmentally friendly. I was delighted to try this one for Fascinations, but I wish a few things about the toy were done differently.


The Flash came packaged discreetly from Fascinations, as always. The box from Fun Factory has a modern feel; there are no scantily clad women. It’s a design that’s thought out and has some useful information, in four different languages (German, English, French and Spanish).

On one of the sides there are graphics implying some information: Waterproof, Silicone, Vibration patterns, No Smell or Noise, Magnetic Charge. There’s a window in the front allowing you to peek at the Flash, and there’s side information flaps held closed with magnets. One flap talks about the new line of rechargeable, eco-friendly vibrators in the Click n’ Charge line, the other labels all the parts in the toy.

Oddly, the charger is packaged in a separate box that’s similar in appearances. The charger is interchangeable with all other toys in the Click n’ Charge line.


This toy is made from very soft, squishy silicone and hard plastic (for the handle). The silicone is unlike any I’ve felt before. I’d compare it to a marshmallow because there’s a little bit of a rough/matte texture, but it is still incredibly soft. This texture meant I needed more lube than normal, despite its somewhat petite length.

The plastic is smooth, hard plastic that gets a little slippery if you get any lube on it. The very bottom says “fun” in metal letters – this is where you align the charger.

I thought the Flash would have two motors, i.e. one in the clitoral nub and one in the body. Unfortunately there’s only one, and it’s in the body.

How to Use

The Click n’ Charge system is an excellent idea in theory but I found the charger a little difficult to manipulate. To use, plug the charger into an outlet (of course) and then line up the “fun” metal plates; you should hear a slight ‘click’ when the connection is made and you’ll see red light. If the words aren’t lined up perfectly or if they’re facing different directions there won’t be a solid connection and it wont charge. The biggest problem I had was the charger not staying connected to the toy.

The controls are easy to use. The buttons are located under the silicone, within reach but it still takes a conscious effort to press them down. Hold the ‘plus’ sign down for a couple seconds to turn it on. After this you can either hold the plus down to increase the speed quickly or manually press it down each time you want to increase vibration by a level. There are 8 levels of vibration. After you reach the highest level of vibration, hold the ‘plus’ down again to enter the patterns. I think there’s three patterns; two escalation patterns (one slow and one fast) and then a fast pulsing pattern. I almost never use the patterns because I think it’s too much work to get to them.

This vibrator is very travel-sized, considering it’s only about 5 inches in length. That’s about the size of my Pocket Rocket. Except this one is considerably wider in circumference and it is meant to be inserted.

My Use

Fortunately for me the Flash came pre-charged because it is difficult for me to get the pieces connected and lined up for extended periods of time. I usually charge my toys while they’re inside a drawer or under covers because I don’t like them sitting out all the time. You need to leave this toy alone while it’s charging because it is so easy to mess up the charger.

The clit attachment lines up perfectly but it doesn’t provide enough stimulation to reach orgasm. It’s simply a hunk of silicone that’s supposed to transfer vibrations – unfortunately, I feel absolutely no stimulation from it. If I could grind against it I might be able to finish, but because the silicone is so squishy and flexible, I can’t even do that.

In order for me to get even close to orgasm I have to put the vibration point (about halfway down the shaft) directly against my clit. Perhaps it’s because the vibrations are a bit buzzier than I need or want. In hand, they can feel really strong but my body just doesn’t enjoy them.

Noise level ranges. On the lower level vibrations, you couldn’t hear it through a door. On the higher level, that I need, this toy gets very loud. Keep the TV on while using this toy, otherwise I’m afraid there will be a very audible buzz that anyone could hear on the other side of the door.

In conclusion if you’re the type that likes mostly vaginal stimulation through vibrators; or you appreciate a travel-size, eco-friendly toy, this might be a great option. Unfortunately, it’s just too loud and buzzy for me to enjoy.

Thanks Fascinations for sending me this toy to review!

The pocket rocket was the first vibrator I had ever heard about. It’s somewhat infamous for it’s small size and portability, so I was rather delighted to get the opportunity to review it.


Fascinations sent this to me in their discreet brown box, packed in pink paper.

The Pocket Rocket itself comes in a somewhat comical package, portraying the vibrator as a rocket and proclaiming it’s “simply the best mini massager in the world!” I didn’t find this to be completely true, but I’ll discuss that in a minute.

It doesn’t come with much information; in fact the only useful info says that it uses one AA battery, recommends against use in the shower and is phthalate free.

I don’t use the box for storage; it’s just too hard to put in and take out and because the pocket rocket comes with a little cap for the top I don’t feel like it will get dirty in my drawer.


The box states that it is made from ABS plastic, but I think that’s only the casing. There are 3 metal balls that are good for transferring vibration but I’m unsure what type of metal they are. Brass, perhaps?

It’s about 3 or 4 inches long, and readily fits in most of my pockets so it does hold true to its name.

How to Use

There are only three functions- Open, Off, On- in that order. You can twist the bottom so that an arrow points to the function you want.
Twist the bottom to the left to open it for batteries.
Twist the bottom to the right to turn it on.

Unfortunately it has only one speed. This speed will be sufficient for some, and was just barely enough for me.

The cap it comes with has little spikes on the top so I assume they made it for use. However, it doesn’t carry vibrations at all. I find it completely useless except for storage.

The three brass beads on top don’t move at all, they just transfer vibrations.

My Use

The Pocket Rocket isn’t very strong. I use it as a teaser vibe, because it’s small and convenient and fairly quiet.

It does make a buzzy noise that you can hear while it’s under covers but not through a closed door. If you hold it tightly in your hand you can make it a little quieter which makes me think there are some parts rattling around inside.

The best thing about this toy are the three metal balls at the top. I can press these into my clit (not too hard, that can be painful) and can sometimes bring on an orgasm. If I have already had an orgasm, it becomes easier; but this toy definitely does not guarantee an orgasm for me. If I use with another source of stimulation (dildo, streamline vibrator, boyfriend, fingers) I can reach orgasm. Thankfully, it’s shape is decently ergonomic to use during sex or while thrusting another toy.

I do love putting this on my nipples though. Something about its shape or size mixed with the right intensity of vibration makes this perfect for nipple stimulation, for me.

What I don’t appreciate is how difficult it is to clean this one. I don’t know how much I can put under water without risking the rest of the toy. Therefore, I only clean the vibrating beads with a damp cloth. If I want to be really thorough I put a little bleach on the cloth with the water but I still don’t feel like I cant get this toy completely clean; there’s just too many grooves that can house bacteria.

In the end, this toy is good for those with very sensitive clits or those who enjoy a little nipple stimulation. It won’t be strong enough for most but it’s portable and fairly quiet.

Thanks to Fascinations for providing me this toy to review!

Fascinations sent me this massage oil (my first product to review for them!) and at first I was a little skeptical because it was from a brand I had never heard of, and also because I had never used a real massage oil. We (the boyfriend and I) had only ever used hand/body lotion (absorbs quickly) and some KY lube (expensive and didn’t last very long for us).

Massage Oil

I received a very discreet small plain brown box from “Apple Distributing”; which is apparently their corporate shipping name according to their website. I opened the box and found it filled with pink paper confetti. Not the little dot kind, this was long strips of crinkled paper to ensure my oil didn’t get beat up during shipping. Sure enough, the oil was packed in cozy and safe!

The oil itself didn’t come with any outer packaging; it was just the tube of oil with a clear plastic “safety seal” around the whole thing to make sure the cap didn’t pop off and to ensure the product you buy is brand new.

The oil is made of three ingredients- Dimethicone, Cyclopentasiloxane, and Dimethiconol. All three are silicone blends, meaning be careful not to get this on your silicone toys because bad things will happen.

I believe the oil is in a plastic tube. It’s about the size of a slender deodorant.

The back of the massage oil tube says under ‘Directions for use’, “Prime pump as necessary. Apply Sensual Massage to any part of the body where extra moisture and glide is desired. Safe for everyday use. Premium ingredients. Preservative free, oil free. Bottle designed with self sealing ball nozzle for added safety.”

Translation: Can be used during sex as a more “intimate” lube, is condom safe (because it’s oil free) and probably won’t spill all over your purse if you’re carrying this around. Just don’t use with Silicone toys.

My Use
We love this! It lasted for a decently long time (much longer than normal lotion) I would estimate it lasted us 15 minutes before we needed to reapply. It doesn’t get sticky or tacky, it just gets absorbed into your skin. This results in very soft, smooth skin.

It took us about 4 or 5 pumps to get a decent amount to use on each others backs, then another 2 or 3 pumps when we needed to reapply.

The bottle was very easy to pump, the push button never got so slick that it was impossible to press, although it did get pretty slippery there near the end. The bottle is smooth plastic so it gets slippery as well.

The oil stays on your fingers until you wash it off. The feeling of it was reminiscent of olive oil to me: slippery, slick, non-sticky.

I highly recommend this to any couple looking for a new massage oil or lubricant.

Thanks so much to! They sent me this product in exchange for an honest review.

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