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Fascinations sent me this massage oil (my first product to review for them!) and at first I was a little skeptical because it was from a brand I had never heard of, and also because I had never used a real massage oil. We (the boyfriend and I) had only ever used hand/body lotion (absorbs quickly) and some KY lube (expensive and didn’t last very long for us).

Massage Oil

I received a very discreet small plain brown box from “Apple Distributing”; which is apparently their corporate shipping name according to their website. I opened the box and found it filled with pink paper confetti. Not the little dot kind, this was long strips of crinkled paper to ensure my oil didn’t get beat up during shipping. Sure enough, the oil was packed in cozy and safe!

The oil itself didn’t come with any outer packaging; it was just the tube of oil with a clear plastic “safety seal” around the whole thing to make sure the cap didn’t pop off and to ensure the product you buy is brand new.

The oil is made of three ingredients- Dimethicone, Cyclopentasiloxane, and Dimethiconol. All three are silicone blends, meaning be careful not to get this on your silicone toys because bad things will happen.

I believe the oil is in a plastic tube. It’s about the size of a slender deodorant.

The back of the massage oil tube says under ‘Directions for use’, “Prime pump as necessary. Apply Sensual Massage to any part of the body where extra moisture and glide is desired. Safe for everyday use. Premium ingredients. Preservative free, oil free. Bottle designed with self sealing ball nozzle for added safety.”

Translation: Can be used during sex as a more “intimate” lube, is condom safe (because it’s oil free) and probably won’t spill all over your purse if you’re carrying this around. Just don’t use with Silicone toys.

My Use
We love this! It lasted for a decently long time (much longer than normal lotion) I would estimate it lasted us 15 minutes before we needed to reapply. It doesn’t get sticky or tacky, it just gets absorbed into your skin. This results in very soft, smooth skin.

It took us about 4 or 5 pumps to get a decent amount to use on each others backs, then another 2 or 3 pumps when we needed to reapply.

The bottle was very easy to pump, the push button never got so slick that it was impossible to press, although it did get pretty slippery there near the end. The bottle is smooth plastic so it gets slippery as well.

The oil stays on your fingers until you wash it off. The feeling of it was reminiscent of olive oil to me: slippery, slick, non-sticky.

I highly recommend this to any couple looking for a new massage oil or lubricant.

Thanks so much to! They sent me this product in exchange for an honest review.

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