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MyPleasure sent me a couple of toys to review recently. Unbeknownst to me when I asked to review them, they are apparently siblings (or cousins?) and share almost identical packaging, as well as a few similarities in design.

So, even though this first review is focusing on the Love Beads (a.k.a. “Love Pacifier X-10 Duo”) you can expect a somewhat similar, but oh-so different review on it’s fraternal twin, the Love Bump, within a couple days. It’s also related to the toy frequently know simply as the Love Pacifier, a teardrop shape with a ring.

The Love Beads have an interesting design. In my head, I pictured the big single ball to go in my vagina while the 3 beads would be inserted anally. While this is possible, the 3 beads are curved the wrong way. It feels like they’re poking against my tailbone. However, they’re still quite enjoyable, and are an awesome price for being silicone!


The Beads come in a plastic square box, with the only clear section being that which exposes the shape of the toy.

There isn’t much information on the box, except “100% silicone” and “Dishwasher Safe” as well as a site where you can register the product. I’ve never heard of that before, and I haven’t done it so I can’t tell you what to expect. I imagine if you put in your email address you will start getting targeted advertising from other toy companies.


As stated on the box, these beads are pure silicone, which is really the only (safe) way to go when you start talking anal play. These are completely sterilizable with soap and water, or a 10% bleach solution.

The silicone is very flexible but it isn’t very squishy at all. I can bend this toy in half at the joint, and in between the three beads.

If you have tried the Love Pacifier (teardrop shape with a ring) this silicone will feel quite similar.

How to Use

Decide which side you want to use first or which side you will put where. I don’t enjoy the three beads inside my vagina, and the large bead is too big for me to start with.

Put waterbased lube where you want/need it, but try to avoid getting it on the handle because it will get quite slick and make it hard to keep a grip.

My Use

I really wish they had curved the beads toward the big bead so I could put both in my body at once. However, I almost always start with using the tri-bead set then after a little bit of warm-up I’ll switch to the big bead. It’s kind of awkward to have one of the sides inside my body and the other out, but it’s the only thing that works for me.

This is a little off topic, perhaps, but I absolutely adore the shape of the handle. Elegant and useful, while still modern and cute. These are the goals I believe toys need to strive for.

I’m not too crazy about the color selection – a very true blue and an orange that is very orange. They remind me of crayons. I understand that some people will love these colors, but they’re just not for me. That being said, I got both the Love Beads and the Love Bump in blue and it makes a really cute little set. I believe MyPleasure only sells them in blue – orange never seems to sell very well.

Thanks so much MyPleasure for sending me the Love Beads to review. I am more than happy to provide an honest review in exchange for them.

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Pleasurists adult product review round-up

MyPleasure, an online adult toy seller, sent me this neat product to review. I’ve had my eye on it for awhile – something about it’s sleek curves and that gorgeous mature pistachio color is so appealing to me (by the by, the green is so much more vivid in person than it is in the picture). The Energie is marketed as a kegel exerciser, and while it is definitely great for that, I usually use it as a dildo. When I first picked it up out of the package it was shipped in, the weight caught me by surprise. This thing is kind of a barbell for your vagina. As a dildo, the slight curve makes it a gentle but firm g-spot stimulator.


I adore packaging that is created to give you a quality storage box with your toy. There is a sleeve tightly covering a sturdy plastic box that the toy sits in. There is a cradle specially designed to hold the ENERGIE securely, and the box closes snugly enough that you could easily take this in your purse without worrying about it opening.

The sleeve that wraps around the main plastic case has a picture of the ENERGIE that is just about life-size with some descriptions of the toy on the back. If you take that off, the packaging is pretty discrete. The plastic box is dark navy, with silver writing that says “Natural Contours” and “ENERGIE”, underneath that in smaller letters (font size 8, I would guess), “kegel exerciser”.

The only problem with the packaging is how tight the sleeve is. I tried for five minutes to pull the box from the sleeve and somehow my boyfriend ended up getting the two separated. If you get desperate, it’d be easy to cut through the cardboard.

There are instructions for use on the inside. If you are interested in using this for it’s original, intended purpose – to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles – these instructions are priceless. Side note: It recommends lube before insertion but the material is so smooth, I didn’t need any.


Good question! Nowhere on the packaging is there any indication what type of plastic is used, nor what is used to weight the exerciser. Natural Contours site doesn’t have any information about the Energie that wasn’t already on the packaging.

To me, it feels like a hard ABS plastic sealed around some sort of solid metal (?) core. It weighs about a pound, so it couldn’t be plastic all the way through. It does feel safe and sterilizable but I can’t be completely sure.

How to Use

As a Kegel Exerciser
Per the instruction Manual:
“Lie down on your back and bend your knees with both feet flat on the floor. Insert the ENERGIE (you may want to lubricate it for easy insertion) placing it just inside the vaginal opening. Take a deep breath and the totally relax the vaginal muscles as you exhale then squeeze and release the kegel muscle around the inserted ENERGIE. Take another deep breath and exhale relaxing the vagina as you slowly insert the ENERGIE another inch. Again squeeze and release the kegel muscle several times. Continue until full penetration has been achieved.”

They also give some info on how to locate the muscles you’ll be exercising and how to clean the ENERGIE after use (soap and water).

I don’t use this as an exerciser – I tried and could never remember to do it. The instructions suggest doing it every day for two weeks, then every other day, but I just couldn’t keep up with it.

This is a great item for ladies after childbirth who are wanting to retone and tighten their pelvic muscles. It’s also been proven to help cure incontinence. Even if you are just interested in toning your kegel muscles (said to improve orgasms) this is an item worth trying.

As a Dildo
This is by far one of the weightiest toys I’ve ever used. If you have arthritis in your wrists or if heavy toys are hard for you to use, I suggest passing on this one.

Other than that, I don’t have many suggestions for use. Both sides feel great, use lube if you need it, and do what feels good!

My Use

I always use it as a dildo now. I’ve tried to use it as a kegel exerciser, and although it feels effective, I can never remember to do it. If I get serious about setting aside 10 minutes in my day to do this, I’ll probably have to set an alarm on my phone.

As a dildo, I love the weight. The slight curve gently presses against my g-spot and the slender size makes it great for beginners or people like me who enjoy the slimmer side of penetration. I like to use the bigger side, because it’s slightly broader, but both sides make good handles – the bulbous ends fit ergonomically into the palm.

It does get slippery when lubed up, so it can be kinda messy but overall it hasn’t been a problem.

Overall, an effective kegel exerciser and a quality dildo.

MyPleasure sent me this toy to try in exchange for an honest review. Thanks!

Starting off, I want to thank the awesome people over at MyPleasure, for being so patient with me in getting this review out, and of course, thank them for providing the toy I am reviewing!

When I first saw the design of the Tango Dancer, I thought “Toothbrush?” and I was definitely dubious as to whether or not this would be a successful toy. I must say, I was pleasantly surprised. Not to mention, the color is wonderful in person. I’m so tired of pink toys; this toy is a playful twilightly/indigo combination.


There’s nothing here worth commenting on. No naked ladies, but no classiness. It was just a plain plastic shell and a cardboard insert that lists a small bit of info.

The first thing I noticed was California Exotics pushing their “State of the Art Memory Chip”. Now, I don’t claim to know much about technology but this makes me extremely skeptical. Quote from the back of the package: “State of the Art Memory Chip Allows You to Turn Off Vibrator and Later Resume on the Same Function!” And it does exactly that, but I felt like they shouldn’t act like it is some huge innovation because other companies have had vibrators doing this for years.

Edit: Evidently this toy has been out for awhile and was one of the first toys to have this ‘memory chip’ technology. The fact that it’s been manufactured for so long is a good sign to me.

I won’t be keeping this toy in its annoying little plastic clamshell package. It takes forever to put it back and it doesn’t close completely anymore, no matter how perfectly I try to put it in.

Another thing I hated about the package was this sentence from the cover, “Feel the Rhythm with this Totally Multi-Function, Satiny Soft, Ultra Powerful, Magical Wand!” I can handle a little bit of ‘floofy’ language, but, I’m sorry, ‘magical wand’? No. No. No. Just Don’t.


The long tip and parts of the handle are crafted from a silky TPR silicone. The very very top is slightly flexible, the handle is completely stiff ABS plastic. I kinda wish the tip were as firm as the handle because when I try to press it into my clit, it bends away a tiny bit. Some people will like this, I imagine, because the material is softer and could be considered ‘gentler’. I have to press really hard to get the tip to point north, everything up to slightly past the narrow neck is complete, immobile, stiff, rigid silicone covered plastic.

TPR silicone is not quite pure silicone, so only use water based lubes, or you run the risk of ruining your toy. Wash with soap and water after each use to keep it clean and safe!

How to Use

I understand this toy is being marketed as a g-spot toy, but it certainly did not do anything for me because it was so thin! My g-spot needs broad stimulation. Luckily, my clit loves to have the kind of pinpoint stimulation that this toy is built for.

The vibrations are in the moderate to deep range, and that is the kind that works best for me.

There are two buttons on the bottom: “Power” on/off and “Cycle” through the vibrations levels. The ‘memory chip’ that Cal Exotics is so proud of does indeed work. I always turn it on, get off on that one level and turn it right back off. There are 3 steady vibration levels, and 7 patterns that vary in strength and speed.

2 AAA batteries are required for use, but are easy to put in (thank god!) and there’s a reassuring ‘click’ when the bottom is screwed into place.

My Use

My clit and I love this toy. Love it. Despite the whispery, almost kinda loud motor that can be heard through covers but (probably) not through the door. Keep some music or a TV on in the background and this toy will just sound like whitenoise.

I only ever use the highest steady vibration level that this toy has. None of the patterns are exactly what my body needs.

The only thing I really cannot stand? The wristband with the plastic heart bead. I’m a big girl, I can hold onto my vibrator(s) just fine.

The best use I’ve ever had with this toy comes in conjunction with a partner. I used this one night after getting really turned on. This is by far one of the best vibrators I’ve used that fits so comfortably in between two people. Its size is perfect to hold in hand. When I’m using in between the two of us, I hold it kind of like I would hold a whisk.

I started using it the moment his penis went in (after a few orgasms that he had brought on with his fingers), and I had one of the most intense orgasms ever. Like, “Top Three,” at least. I lost control of my vocal cords and just screamed in pleasure. I’m so glad no one was home when we did this because it probably sounded like I was being injured. Badly.

Toothbrush appearance or not, this one will definitely be staying at the top of the toy drawer at his house.

Thanks so much again My Pleasure for sending me this toy to review!

My Pleasure, retailer of fine sex toys, sent me the very fine Beyond One vibrator to review. This is one of those toys I’ve been dying to try. The shape is aesthetically and body pleasing, it comes from a company that’s highly reputable, and has reviews praising it all over the Internet.


The Beyond one comes in a very discrete, classy package. There’s a white box that holds a piece of firm black foam that’s shaped to fit the toy. There’s a sleeve of magenta cardboard that wraps around the foam. On the underside of the sleeve, all the information about the toy is visible. I didn’t particularly like this because I don’t want to deconstruct the package in order to find out about the different modes of vibration and whatnot.

The other thing that bothered me was the awful smell that hit me right after I opened the box. It was a strange mix of musk and foam. I took the toy out of the foam, washed it with soap and water and left the foam to air out in a drawer. After that, the toy smelled fine but I didn’t want to put it back in the foam. After a day or two, the smell wasn’t noticeable at all.


The Beyond one is completely silicone, meaning it’s easy to sterilize between partners. Don’t use a silicone-based lube, but do use plenty of water-based, because it can feel a little big during insertion.

The silicone has a funny knob at the end that is pretty much guaranteed to hit the g-pot. I don’t particularly like thrusting with this toy but some small rocking feels fantastic.

How to Use

It isn’t waterproof so don’t get the mechanics (i.e. the handle) under water. They claim it’s splash proof but I would be careful in the shower because the controls don’t feel as well protected as I would like.

The only way to turn it on or switch modes it to hit the button quickly, if you hold it down, nothing will happen.

There are 9 settings; the first three are steady vibrations, the next six are patterns with different speeds and strengths.

They advertise having ‘whisper technology’ and I took that to mean it would be whisper-quiet. It isn’t as quiet as I was hoping. It does have a faint ‘shhh’ quality to the noise, making it sound like a whisper.

The good news is that the sound doesn’t increase dramatically with the vibration levels; it’s about the same volume no matter what you’re doing. In fact, the sound reminds me of a battery operated fan or air conditioner.

The bottom is a little tricky to get on and off correctly, but it won’t turn on if you’ve got it on wrong, and makes a solid click when you get it twisted on correctly.

It uses 2 AAA batteries that do not come with the toy. I had to steal the ones from my TV remote to use this toy, because don’t you know, I run out right when I get the toy I’ve been dying to try? But, the good news is that even though they were partially used when I put them in, they still haven’t run out. This toy doesn’t use batteries quickly at all.

My Use

I love how much stimulation my g-spot gets from this toy, no thrusting necessary. I’m a little worried that some people are going to hate the “g-spot knob” because it is really big. Also, because it’s so big, I couldn’t get the pinpoint stimulation I crave. Not to say I couldn’t climax because the vibrations were excellent. Rumbly but not too deep.

At the bottom of the knob there are three small ridges that I believe are meant to stimulate the vaginal opening. Unless I purposefully angled the toy to a certain degree I couldn’t feel them at all; when I could feel them they were more abrasive than pleasurable.

I love the shape of this toy and how well it targets my g-spot. Definitely a very well made toy with excellent features. Virgins and beginning toy users may have a little difficulty with the size but I believe most people would be delighted with the Beyond One.

Thanks again, MyPleasure!

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