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Pleasurists adult product review round-up

Recently, I have been on a quest to find the perfect beginner anal toy. I have very little experience with anal, especially when compared to the experience I have had with, say, vibrators. I’m always looking for something enjoyable, cute and body-safe. This toy, the Silicone Beaded Probe from Cal Exotics “L’Amour” collection is all three, and is an awesome addition to anyone’s toy chest.


The beads come in clear box with a tray that holds the beads securely. It isn’t discreet at all, but it is also much classier and prettier to look at that than some of their previous packaging.

This would be a cute bachelorette gift, though I’m not sure how anal beads would be received.

The packaging is not as excessive as others, but it is still more than I’d like to store. I’ll recycle my box as soon as this review is posted.


Thankfully, this toy is 100% silicone. It feels smooth and firm and it’s completely sterilizable (always a MUST for anal toys). There’s no smell or taste.

You can share this one with your partner(s) but wash well with soap and hot water in between uses. If you really want to get it super clean, you can spray it liberally with a 10% bleach solution.

It’s decently flexible at the joints, but the balls are difficult to squish and squeeze. I can feel how very firm this material is when it’s popping in and out of the anal sphincter, leading to some very intense sensations.

The “hook” at the end of the toy is flexible but I don’t feel like it would get ‘sucked up’ into the body. I do wish they had put a bigger flare so there would be less risk of that happening, though.

How to Use

Wash this toy well with soap and water before and after each use. The silicone is inclined to pick up lint and other stuff that doesn’t need to be put inside your body.

Apply a liberal amount of water-based lube to yourself, then some to each ball of this toy. Go as slow or as fast as you like! But if you’re using this toy on someone else, go slowly at first so they can get used to the sensations, as well as the width of each bump.

My Use

This toy is deceptively large! Or I’m not as far along in my anal play as I thought. The first three bumps go in easily but that fourth feels considerably larger than it looks. I managed to get it in comfortably but I just couldn’t do the fifth and final ball.

The first ball is a little tough to get inside because it will be inclined to bend away. I had to use a finger to guide it in.

If you look at the shape of this toy, it almost has a small ‘wave’ or bend in the middle. I couldn’t really feel this in use, so I imagine it’s purely for aesthetics.

This is my first set of silicone anal beads and I love it! I think it is a great introduction for anyone, and even more advanced users would be satisfied by it.

MyPleasure sent me a couple of toys to review recently. Unbeknownst to me when I asked to review them, they are apparently siblings (or cousins?) and share almost identical packaging, as well as a few similarities in design.

So, even though this first review is focusing on the Love Beads (a.k.a. “Love Pacifier X-10 Duo”) you can expect a somewhat similar, but oh-so different review on it’s fraternal twin, the Love Bump, within a couple days. It’s also related to the toy frequently know simply as the Love Pacifier, a teardrop shape with a ring.

The Love Beads have an interesting design. In my head, I pictured the big single ball to go in my vagina while the 3 beads would be inserted anally. While this is possible, the 3 beads are curved the wrong way. It feels like they’re poking against my tailbone. However, they’re still quite enjoyable, and are an awesome price for being silicone!


The Beads come in a plastic square box, with the only clear section being that which exposes the shape of the toy.

There isn’t much information on the box, except “100% silicone” and “Dishwasher Safe” as well as a site where you can register the product. I’ve never heard of that before, and I haven’t done it so I can’t tell you what to expect. I imagine if you put in your email address you will start getting targeted advertising from other toy companies.


As stated on the box, these beads are pure silicone, which is really the only (safe) way to go when you start talking anal play. These are completely sterilizable with soap and water, or a 10% bleach solution.

The silicone is very flexible but it isn’t very squishy at all. I can bend this toy in half at the joint, and in between the three beads.

If you have tried the Love Pacifier (teardrop shape with a ring) this silicone will feel quite similar.

How to Use

Decide which side you want to use first or which side you will put where. I don’t enjoy the three beads inside my vagina, and the large bead is too big for me to start with.

Put waterbased lube where you want/need it, but try to avoid getting it on the handle because it will get quite slick and make it hard to keep a grip.

My Use

I really wish they had curved the beads toward the big bead so I could put both in my body at once. However, I almost always start with using the tri-bead set then after a little bit of warm-up I’ll switch to the big bead. It’s kind of awkward to have one of the sides inside my body and the other out, but it’s the only thing that works for me.

This is a little off topic, perhaps, but I absolutely adore the shape of the handle. Elegant and useful, while still modern and cute. These are the goals I believe toys need to strive for.

I’m not too crazy about the color selection – a very true blue and an orange that is very orange. They remind me of crayons. I understand that some people will love these colors, but they’re just not for me. That being said, I got both the Love Beads and the Love Bump in blue and it makes a really cute little set. I believe MyPleasure only sells them in blue – orange never seems to sell very well.

Thanks so much MyPleasure for sending me the Love Beads to review. I am more than happy to provide an honest review in exchange for them.

It’s no secret that I love lube. I use it whenever I need it, and frequently when I don’t because I truly believe it enhances my pleasure. However, only a quality lube will do. Junky, cheap lubes can gunk up quick and make things sticky. If they have the wrong ingredients, a yeast infection is almost guaranteed. Frolic is, by far, one of the best water based lubes I have ever used, and is my current favorite.

When considering a lube, ingredients are the first thing I look at. There’s a great guide over here. As a general note, I recommend avoiding glycerin (known to cause yeast infections), parabens (can irritate some people), and I personally like to avoid silicone because most of my toys are silicone. If silicone lubes come in contact with silicone toys they can fuse, leaving the toy in a state of permanent stickiness (at best). I also don’t like to use silicone because I feel like the body would have a hard time flushing it out, considering how silicone is water resistant. I figure, the longer that lube stays inside me, the longer it has time to gather bacteria and other problematic things.

The ingredients on Frolic:
Sodium Benzoate
Potassium Sorbate
Propylene Glycol,
Grapefruit Seed Extract,
Polyethylene Polymer

What attracted me to this particular lube was how they described it: “Specially Formulated For Use With Toys”. I can assure all my readers, and especially my fellow reviewers, this claim held up extremely well. I have done all my latest toy testing with the help of this lube and I cannot praise it enough.

It remains slick for a good amount of time, even with repetitive thrusting. It doesn’t get sticky; when it dries, it soaks into your skin like lotion, with only a tiny bit of ‘gunk’ left behind that I usually only notice after I’ve finished playing and am rinsing the toys off.

This is definitely more of a gel; it isn’t runny at all. I use this for my anal toys and would use it for anal sex if the occasion arises. It is as clear as water, with no smell. The taste is somewhat unpleasant. It’s extremely bitter and seems faintly chemically, however it is gone the second you remove your tongue from the lubed area.

I cannot recommend this lube enough to fellow toy users, masturbators and sexually active adults. The only people who might not enjoy this lube would be the people who get lube in their mouth frequently.

As a side note, the hot pink thing you see around the nozzle of the lube keeps the nozzle from being pushed during shipping or transportation. Hold onto this if you intend to carry lube around with you a lot.

Thank you so much, Fascinations, for sending me this lube to enjoy.

I received Frolic in exchange for an honest review.

The Silicone Posh Massager is one of those toys I’ve always had my eye on. It is decently cheap (especially for being silicone), it’s widely available and I’ve seen several positive reviews on it. I was pretty excited about getting it to review from, a company I haven’t had a chance to review for before. Unfortunately, this toy just didn’t do it for me.


The packaging is not cute or classy by any standard. It has a picture of a girl grinning widely, on a piece of cardboard that’s sandwiched in between the plastic clamshell and the toy. The information provided on the cardboard is minimal. I would imagine this toy has been around for at least 3 years, considering the copyright on the package is for 2007. The plastic clamshell is too large for storage, so I’m going to recycle it.

As for the info the package, there’s really nothing worth mentioning, but these are the points they stress: “Waterproof”, “100% silicone”, “Powerful”, “2 Speed”.


The packaging claims it is “100% silicone” but I’m doubtful. When I first opened the package, it smelled horrible — vaguely rubber-like. Silicone (at least the high-quality kind) doesn’t have any smell. I did a quick rinse with soap and water but it didn’t seem to help the smell at all.

Almost three weeks later, the smell is seriously diminished, but is still noticeable when the toy is within a few inches of my nose. I wonder if this smell isn’t the battery compartment, which is some kind of plastic inside the silicone ‘skin’.

The silicone itself is really soft to the touch, and the thin layer that’s on top of the hard plastic interior is pretty squishy.

How to Use

Simply throw one AA battery (not included) in the bottom and twist on the cap tight. There’s a press button that serves two functions: on/off and vibration level change. Press once for mild vibration, press again for moderate and press again to turn off.

There isn’t really a ‘high’ level, but unfortunately both mild and moderate are fairly loud. Low level could be heard through covers, and high almost definitely can be heard through a closed door.

The packaging advertises the toy as being waterproof, which is clearly visible by the thick o-ring around the battery case. I didn’t try it because I don’t particularly like using loud toys in a room that echoes but it held up fine after each wash with water in the sink.

My Use

In a sentence, this toy couldn’t do it for me. The vibrations are just too weak. The tip feels like there’s a gap between it and the motor, so there’s no way to make sure the vibes are pinpointed directly where I want them.

I don’t think the shape is meant for insertion, but I tried anyways. Use water-based lube, as always with silicone toys. However, even with the help of lube, it was still uncomfortable. There are two small rings under the head and surprisingly they irritated me.

The button is easy to use, however, it can be inconvenient. I keep wishing for a dedicated ‘on/off’ button. When the button is completely depressed, the vibrations stop, even when I’m just switching functions.

Not to mention, this toy is LOUD. I can hear it no matter how many covers I put on top, and I’m pretty sure that it can always be heard through a closed door.

All in all, there are better choices; it’s not hard to find a vibrator that don’t stink and is decently strong.

Vibrator.Com, the company that sent me this toy to review, has a huge selection of sex toys. If you’re looking at Clitoral Stimulators such as this one, I highly suggest browsing their site. Check out more reviews on their tumblr sent me this toy in exchange for an honest review. Thanks!

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